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Scheduled Videoconference

The IVN videoconferencing system can be used by campuses, state agencies and non-profit groups for classes and meetings. Scheduled videoconferencing provides bridging resources that are dedicated for your class or event, thus reserving the videoconference rooms and connections for a specified date/time.

Scheduling procedures vary depending upon whether it’s a campus, state agency or non-profit group making the request.

University credit classes have first priority for scheduling. Other events, such as meetings or non-credit classes can be scheduled after the credit class schedule has been finalized each semester. For details about scheduling classes or non-credit events, click on the How tab below.

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IVN uses high definition H.323 full-color video and audio that allows all sites to hear and see any person speaking. Two or more sites can be scheduled to automatically connect with one another, making the technology easy to use.

IVN services include:

  • Access to multipoint bridge for videoconferences, audio conference or a combination of the two
  • Web based scheduling software — including training and support for scheduling software users
  • Provide campuses with support services related to room design and equipment installation as well as identification of equipment problems and/or replacement options.
  • Provide campuses with support services related to Crestron room control software and hardware.
  • Provide campus coordination with semester class scheduling.
  • Provide CTS scheduling support for audio/video events for NDUS institutions.


Schedule a Credit Class

There are a few steps a campus department must follow before offering a class or new program through IVN delivery. Campus departments and department faculty should meet with the campus IVN coordinator to determine if a videoconference room is available at the host campus and receiving sites.

Please contact your campus coordinator for further information.

Schedule a Non-Credit Event

Credit classes take priority over any other type of event.
Once semester classes are scheduled, requests from NDUS personnel (faculty staff, student groups), state government, K-12 or non-profit groups will be accepted according to the following timeline.

Schedule a non-credit event.

Requests for January 1 – May 12 Will be accepted after November 15
Requests for May 15 – August 21 Will be accepted after March 15
Requests for August 21 – December 31 Will be accepted after April 15

Search for IVN Rooms

Types of IVN Rooms

IVN has established a standard protocol for event scheduling by classifying rooms according to their accessibility:

IVN Rooms

Managed and scheduled by the room owners, usually departments on a campus. Users must contact the campus IVN Coordinator for permission to use the room prior to submitting a schedule request.

NDSU Extension Videoconference Rooms

Several county extension offices have videoconference rooms that are available for meetings or workshops.

The coordinator of each room needs to grant permission to allow usage. Contact the NDSU Extension/Ag Consortium Master Scheduler, Elizabeth Cronin at 701-231-7881 or elizabeth.cronin@ndsu.edu for more information.

Tribal College Videoconference Rooms

North Dakota has five tribal colleges which are supported by various Native American tribes. These colleges provide distance education utilizing videoconferencing as one of the delivery components.

  • Turtle Mountain Community College, Belcourt
  • United Tribes Technical College, Bismarck
  • Cankdeska Cikana Community College (Little Hoop), Fort Totten
  • Sitting Bull College, Fort Yates
  • Nueta Hidatsa Sahnish College, New Town

Contact Dave Mueller, Tribal College Consortium Scheduler for contact and scheduling information for these sites at 701-854.8003 or dave@sbci.edu

State Agency and K-12 Videoconference Rooms

Videoconference rooms located at the state agencies across the state and K-12 schools are managed by the state’s ITD network. K-12 schools are set up in consortiums and each consortium is responsible for scheduling those rooms.

For more information check out the Stagenet Video Directory

Guidelines for Scheduling an IVN Room

Here are the guidelines to follow when scheduling an event with the IVN Scheduler or using a local IVN room located on any ND University System campus:

  • Deadline for scheduling: minimum of 2 business days prior to the event.
  • A schedule request form or change form must be submitted to the IVN Scheduler for all event requests, changes, or cancellations. Phone requests will not be accepted.
  • Events in IVN Public Rooms will connect at 9 minutes prior to the start of the event in order to ensure connection and conduct roll call. Your event will begin at the designated time and end 10 minutes prior to the scheduled end time (usually 10 minutes to the top of the following hour). Other times may be allowed if available and schedule permits.
  • Deadline for changes or cancellations: minimum of 2 business days prior to the event. Changes made within those two business days cannot be guaranteed and will be accommodated on a best effort basis.
  • Requests (except for credit classes) will be scheduled within 2 business days and a confirmation is sent to the person requesting the event.
  • Number of sites within a connection: 6-7 is recommended for quality of interaction, 12 is the maximum number of sites for an event.

Before scheduling a room for your event we offer these suggestions:

    1. Planning — includes a checklist and other details to consider when planning your event.
    2. Check the availability of the site and get permission to use it from the IVN Campus Coordinator.
    3. NDUS event — Initial contact for classes, meetings, or workshops should be the campus IVN coordinator who can assist with plans and details.
    4. State agency or non-profit groups who wish to use an IVN rooms should also check the availability and permission to use it by directly contacting each IVN Campus Coordinator.


Instructors are a key component to the success of videoconferencing in the classroom. For additional training, please contact your IVN Campus Coordinator.

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Get answers to the most commonly asked questions about videoconferencing HERE.


Get Help for your videoconference class or event

Call the ITD Service Desk:

Toll Free: 1-877-328-4470 or 1-701-328-4470 (8-4470 5-Digit dialing)