Video Conferencing

As part of the North Dakota University System (NDUS) Academic Services, the North Dakota Interactive Video Network (IVN) provides state-of-the-art videoconferencing services to NDUS students, faculty, staff and state residents. IVN services link academic classes and meetings with the NDUS community, connecting users to the information and educational resources they need to accomplish their goals.

Of all distance education technologies, IVN most closely replicates traditional classroom instruction or face-to-face events.  IVN uses high definition H.323 full-color video and audio that allows all sites to hear and see any person speaking.

IVN is able to connect videoconference rooms on the campuses across the North Dakota University System and at other videoconference sites across the globe. In addition, IVN also provides the flexibility for users to connect to conferences from a variety of platforms, including traditional room systems, desktop video software, and audio/telephone systems.

Connections, otherwise known as bridging services, can be established either formally or informally. In the formal environment, video rooms and other endpoints are scheduled in advance of the class or event. With the adhoc MeetMe room option, once the meeting date and time  are set, each of the event participants finds a video room or endpoint resource to join the conference.

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