Skype for Business

Skype for Business is a unified communications platform that allows you to communicate with IM or video calls.  Built to integrate with Microsoft Office and Microsoft Outlook Calendar. You can set meetings with your fellow NDUS staff, faculty or students.  Even connect with outside vendors.   See when your contacts are available.  Present your screen and other documents during meetings or give controls to others.    Mobile versions are available for Android or iOS devices.


Skype for Business unifies video calls, Skype for Business meetings, presence, and instant messaging (IM) in one easy-to-use client, making it simple to choose and switch between different forms of communication.


You can install from the Microsoft portal using your NDUS credentials.


Video Clips:

    • Introducing Skype for Business
    • Presence and IM in Skype for Business
    • Meet and Share Using Skype for Business
    • Make a Call in Skype for Business
    • Set up Audio and Video in Skype for Business
    • Schedule a Skype for Business Meeting

Quick Start Guides about Skype for Business

Quick Start Guides you can view, download, print out and keep handy for yourself or staff.

Note:  Don’t use Audio Setup Making Calls Start Guide/Quick Sheet as that feature is not enabled for NDUS.



Visit the NDUS help desk website at (live chat available)
Phone: 866-457-6387