Blackboard Collaborate

Blackboard Collaborate (Bb Collaborate) is a web conferencing tool, that provides full-featured collaboration.   From virtual meetings to hybrid and online learning, you’ll have all of the synchronous learning tools you will need.

Whether you are using the Bb Collaborate Classic version or Bb Collaborate Ultra version, both provide tools to focus on interaction.

About Bb Collaborate Classic:  Built on the JAVA launcher, features include desktop and application sharing and a full-featured whiteboard. Participants can also communicate with chat, audio, video, file sharing, and within breakout rooms.  Sessions can reach up to 400 people and easily be recorded for later playback.

About Bb Collaborate Ultra:  Utilizing Web RTC technology features include sharing content, application sharing, and a basic whiteboard with easy access via your browser. Up to 250 participants can communicate with chat, audio, video or collaborate with breakout groups. Recordings are available for download in MP4 format.

To access Bb Collaborate, you will need to create a session either within your campus LMS or outside of it.  Contact your campus Bb Collaborate Coordinator or CTS NDUS Academic Services.

Blackboard Collaborate also provides mobile access for your on-the-go learners.

For people with disabilities, Blackboard Collaborate provides assistive technology that enables learners to fully engage and participate in the teaching and learning experience.


Today’s learners are technology savvy and desire learning opportunities that provide for an interactive experience where they can truly engage with one another.

Blackboard Collaborate is designed for synchronous and asynchronous communication, collaboration, and learning. Built expressly for education, it can be used in a variety of different situations including:

  • Enriched learning in the online classroom
  • Enriched learning in the traditional classroom
  • Meetings
  • Professional development and training events
  • Faculty office hours
  • Library services
  • Student team projects
  • Faculty research
  • IT support
  • Lecture capture
  • Recruitment seminars and campus tours
  • Virtual field trips
  • Global classroom-to-classroom connection
  • Guest lectures and events

Blackboard Collaborate also provides your mobile learners access to web conferencing from anywhere on their laptops, phones, or tablets.


Blackboard Collaborate is fully integrated within the Blackboard Learn and Moodle learning management systems (LMSes). It can also be accessed outside of an LMS through the NDUS Session Administration System (SAS).

For more information on how to get started, contact your institution’s Blackboard Collaborate administrator, or CTS NDUS Academic Services.


Live training can be provided by NDUS institutions or NDUS CTS User Services. For future training events, contact your institution’s Blackboard Collaborate Administrator, or NDUS CTS Academic Services.

Blackboard Collaborate Web Conferencing

For documentation and information on Bb Collaborate Classic visit:

            Collaborate: Original Experience 

For documentation and information on Bb Collaborate Ultra visit:

            Collaborate: Ultra Experience



Blackboard Collaborate Web Conferencing Orientation Video

Bb Collaborate with Ultra Experience Interface Tour

Behind the Blackboard– For faculty and other users, supplemental information.

Companion Software: Publish!

Publish is companion software to Blackboard Collaborate Web Conferencing that allows users to convert recorded web conferencing sessions to a variety of popular formats onto their own hard drives for anytime playback.

Supported conversion file types:

Video .avi, .flv, H.264, Mp4, .mov, .wmv
Audio Mp3, M4A, OGG Vorbis, Uncompressed WAV


What are the desktop web conferencing system requirements?

What are the mobile web conferencing system requirements?

What are the data limits for loading content?

How can I make sure I am ready for a Blackboard Collaborate Web Conferencing session?

What are some best practices for eliminating audio echoing?

What are some best practices for using video?

How do I launch web conferencing if I am using Windows 8 and Internet Explorer 10?

I am using Internet Explorer and when I click on the link to launch the session, nothing happens.

There is a setting in Internet Explorer that needs to be adjusted to ensure automatic launching of java web start (JNLP) files that are necessary to open an Elluminate Live or Blackboard Collaborate Web Conferencing 11 sessions.  Enabling this setting will allow the meeting.jnlp file to automatically prompt for file download.
The following steps typically solve this issue, also reference screen shot.

  1. Open Internet Explorer; Go to Tools > Internet Options > Security Tab, click on the “Custom” button.
  2. This will open a second window, “Security Settings”, scroll down to “Downloads” and under “Automatic prompting for file downloads” click enable.  This will allow you to properly launch meetings.
  3. Click OK in that window and the Internet Options window.
  4. Close and reopen Internet Explorer, re-launch the session link.

I am getting this error, “Unable to load PowerPoint”?

This is often caused by having more than one copy of Microsoft Office installed on your computer. The PPT converter does not know which version of Office to run.

So, there are several options for how to proceed here:

  1. The simplest is to uninstall one of the versions of Office, be sure to restart your computer prior to attempting to upload a PPT again. If you still receive the error after uninstalling one version, you may also need to run the Microsoft Office Cleaner utility to remove registry entries that might also cause confusion for the PPT converter. Go to and pick the appropriate version of Office to uninstall to get the Cleaner Utility. You can also visit for automated Microsoft fix it utilities.
  2. If you want to keep both versions of Office. You can continue converting the slides to images prior to uploading them to Web Conferencing.
  3. You can try using OpenOffice, which can be downloaded from for free. Open your existing PowerPoint files in OpenOffice to make sure they are still formatted correctly. Then close OpenOffice and upload the files to Web Conferencing. You should be prompted whether or not to use PowerPoint or OpenOffice for the conversion, use OpenOffice.

For other questions, consult the Blackboard Collaborate Support Portal.


Contact your institution’s Blackboard Collaborate Administrator


Visit the NDUS help desk website at (live chat available)
Phone: 866-457-6387