Audio Conferencing


CTS staff, to schedule an audio conference call, send an email to Robert Azure at with the following information:

  • Title of event 
  • Date or dates of event
  • Start and end time of event
  • Number of lines needed

NDUS Campuses

Contact your IVN Campus Coordinator to schedule any audio conference calls. 

There will only be direct dial option no toll free calls.

State Agencies and Non-Profit Organizations

The state’s Information Technology Department (ITD) in Bismarck will be providing the audio conferencing service for state agencies and non-profit organizations. Please contact the ITD Help Desk at 701-328-4470 or toll free at 1-877-328-4470 to schedule audio conference calls.  They will provide you with information on how to submit requests and types of calls available.


Audio conferencing…

  • Helps reduce travel costs
  • Is a familiar medium to everyone
  • Is easily accessible
  • Can usually be added to other technologies such as video or web conferencing for those unable to attend


Once connected to the bridge, participants will be prompted to enter an event passcode followed by the # sign to enter the conference. The passcode ensures event privacy and will be issued to the event requester. The event requester will be responsible for notifying event participants of the passcode along with the scheduled date and time of the conference.

Tips to Ensure a Successful Event

Prior to the event, the requester should:

  • Notify all participants of the date, start time, and end time of the conference and include instructions on making the call and the event’s passcode.
  • Distribute the agenda and other materials.
  • Inform participants to stay on the line once they enter the conference. The first participant will hear an automated announcement indicating that they are the first call to join the conference.
  • Inform the participants that they will be asked their name when entering the conference.

On the day of the event:

  • Begin the event on time. Open with an introduction or statement of the event title.
  • If a participant forgets or loses a passcode, s/he should call the event requester.
  • Take roll call of the participants. This confirms attendance and informs participants who is on the call.
  • Review the agenda and time allotted.
  • Audio tones will automatically announce when a participant enters or exits the conference.
  • Establish ground rules for asking questions. Prior to speaking say: “This Jane from Dickinson” or “This is Ted from UND” so that other participants are aware of who is speaking.
  • Keep the group on track. Redirect discussion to the agenda item if necessary.

Ending the conference:

  • A tone will automatically alert participants that five minutes remain until the conference call ends.
  • Plan for follow-up activities or set the date and time for the next event.
  • The conference will automatically disconnect participants at the scheduled end time.

Participant tips:

  • Take the conference call in a private meeting room where extraneous noise will not interfere with others.
  • The conference will be established 5 minutes prior to the scheduled start time.
  • Do not place the call on hold, especially if there is hold music. Use the mute feature instead.
  • If there are more than two people at a site, use a speaker phone or speaker microphone designed for group use and position the speaker micro/phone so that all participants sharing the room can be heard.
  • Mute the phone or speaker phone whenever you are not speaking. Covering the mouthpiece with a hand does not block noise adequately.
  • Notify the requester before the conference if you plan to leave early.
  • Using a cell phone to take the call is discouraged as they can cause static and background noise.



Troubleshooting tips:

The call will not connect to the conference:

  • Check the phone number to dial and passcode and try again. Sometimes we inadvertently dial or enter the wrong number.
  • Make sure you enter the passcode followed by the # sign as your access code.
  • You can only dial in 5 minutes prior to the event. If you called and could not get in, wait 2-3 minutes and try again.